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Organic Cleaning

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There comes a time when we actually want to know what chemicals are we cleaning our surfaces from. And to our sweet surprise, we cant even tell what the list of chemicals written at the back of the bottle even means and how it is effecting our space. With so many choices in the super market, one gets confused which is the best quality cleaning option yet light on the pocket so on and so forth. Well, we have solution to that, follow our simple and economical formula and you will have a clean chemical free cheap product yet very powerful.

Things you need:

1) Empty plastic bottle with a spray nozzle

2)Apple vinegar 250ml

3)Tap water 750ml

Mix both the liquids and put it in the plastic bottle. You can use it on marble surface, shelves and it can also be used for oven cleaning, fridge cleaning. The good part is, the fragrance is very refreshing. Its all about quality cleaning!

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