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Full Time Maids in Dubai

Full time maid agency dubai

Looking for a full time maid in Dubai is like finding a needle in a hay stack. The procedure is long and many full time maid agencies in Dubai have registration fees before you even arrange an interview with a maid. And not necessarily you will find a maid that meets your requirement, you end up losing your registration money, right? Once you find and finalize the nanny you get into this vicious lengthy cycle called VISA PROCESS. Yes its a two word phrase but it may you weeks to get it done, running back n forth to different government institutions and getting that stamp on the passport! Phew?? tiring. Well did we mention how expensive it is to sponsor your house maid? Let's not even go there. Then comes the sad part, you interview her in person or on skype, flew her down or changed status within UAE and after a month you are dreading the decision you made!! Why? Because she is no more the sweet person you interviewed a few weeks ago OR her organizing is poor OR she is forgetful OR she is careless OR she said yes I know how to cook but the food is YUCK OR OR OR ... the list can be endless. But hey, no one's perfect right but spending all that cash plus the contract you entered which may require you to pay a ticket back to her home country plus 2 months salary for early cancellation OUCH! that hurts the heart and the pocket! This is where comes in to the rescue. You don't need to pay any registration fees. WooHoo, you get unlimited replacements if you dont like your assigned maid. No need to make endless trips for visa stamping, all our maids have their residential visas so you don't have to worry about any paper work. Our long term contracts let you travel with your maid outside country too*. How cool is that? Getting a full time nanny in Dubai is so simple at Mop Express.

So just pick up that phone and call on 0554295399 and take a maid home now in Dubai :) or Click here to learn more

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