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How to Arrange your Bed That it Could Be Featured on a Magazine - Best Cleaning Company in Dubai

Ever wonder how do the Best cleaning company in Dubai provides u top notch cleaning services? They are also humans but yet they know the few tips on how to clean house like a pro. Do you just like to keep a tidy home? Do you want to impress guests. knowing how to properly make a bed is a good skill to have in your housekeeping repertoire. Do you think that you already know how to arrange a bed? Sure. Most people do. But with a few extra tips, your bed will be ready to be featured in the next magazine cover.

Just take a look on these few tips which will help you to make a bed like professional.

Step 1: Iron Your Sheets

An optional step, but ironing the bedsheets can add an extra dose of tidiness to your bed. After all, pulling back the duvet or comforter of a nicely made bed only to find a mess of wrinkles is sure to ruin the overall effect. Take out the time to press the wrinkles out of your linens when making a bed. Also Carefully follow the care instructions tag to determine which heat setting you’ll need to use so that you don’t burn your sheets and pillowcases. When ironing sensitive fabric like silk or satin, use a towel as a buffer between the surface of the iron and your linens to help prevent scorching the material.

Step 2: Fix the Fitted Sheet

Firstly, place your fitted sheet on the bed. Start by tucking in one corner, then move to its diagonal opposite. Repeat this with the remaining two corners to make sure the mattress is covered entirely. Smooth out any bunches in the fabric by using your hands.. You want to fit the sheet snugly across all parts of the mattress, including the corners.

Step 3: Add the Top Sheet

Next step is the top sheet. Does the printed side should be faced up or down? Before we tell you how to do this, we’ll answer the mystery of this question. Are you ready for this? It doesn’t really make any difference.It’s all a matter of preference. If you plan on folding the top of the sheet back a little so that the print shows when the duvet is pulled back, then place the print-side down. Otherwise, the print can face upwards. Drape the sheet over the bed when you’ve decided whether you want the print facing up or down. You want the edges of the sheet to be even on either side of the mattress. Now tuck the sheet under the end of the mattress and make hospital corners.

Step 4: Break Out Those Blankets and Duvets

Adding blankets to the bed is easy: Just repeat the steps you took for the flat sheet. Here again, you can choose to make hospital corners or not. Smooth the blanket out as you go. It’s time to tackle the duvet or comforter. You’ll start by placing the duvet over the bed and making sure it hangs evenly on either side. Smooth out any wrinkles. Now it’s — yet again — decision-making time: You can either pull the duvet firmly to the top of the bed to cover the entire mattress or you can fold the duvet into thirds so that your blanket also shows. Whichever you think looks best.

Step 5: Add Your Pillows and Some Flare

The final step in learning how to make a bed is adding your pillows. Smooth pillowcases out and situate them, so that the opening or decorative edge is on the outermost side. If you like a minimalist look and an uncluttered bed, you can stop here. Otherwise, you can add shams topped with colorful accent pillows. Now you know how to make a bed like a pro! But sometimes life keeps you so much busy that you don’t have time to clean your house, much less worry about how to properly make the bed in the guest room before the arrival of visitors. For house cleaning help or an overall tidying up of your home, reach out to the best cleaning company in Dubai at your local Mopexpress. We can help with the cleaning and tidying, so you can focus on the finishing touches to make your guests feel welcome in your home.

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